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Meet our 2017 President of the Home Builders Association of South Central Oklahoma (BASCO)

Posted on March 24, 2017 by Jorie Helms

Our 2017 President of the Builders Association of South Central Oklahoma (BASCO) is Rhonda Trower.


Rhonda has been a member of the Certified Builder program since 2009. She has multiple awards including the W.T. “Jamie” Jameson Membership Award, BASCO President Award, and top recruiting awards at BASCO and OSHBA.


She's very active in the Norman Chamber of Commerce and the Women’s Resource Board.

Congratulations Rhonda



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Solar: Not for everyone

Posted on March 23, 2017 by Jorie Helms

The solar panel industry and efficiency advocates have not backed off their efforts to require all new homes to be “solar-ready.” These efforts are showing up throughout the country at both the state and local levels.

The solar panel industry submitted an amendment to the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) that would have required all homes to be built in such a way that solar panels could be accommodated on the roof: typically including a conduit from the attic to the electric panel, space in the panel to accommodate the solar circuit and documentation that the roof is strong enough to hold a system as well as 300 square feet of clear (not north-facing) roof area.

The amendment to mandate solar-ready homes was defeated ─ but it was included in the appendix of the 2015 IECC, allowing a state or local jurisdiction the ability to require homes to be solar-ready if it wants to.

It’s true that having the infrastructure in place for the installation of photovoltaic panels can be can be desirable to consumers in some markets – which is why NAHB is a strong supporter of voluntary programs and tax credits that encourage their use.

But solar-ready homes aren’t for everyone and every region, so NAHB has resources for home builders and HBAs to refute arguments that they should be installed in all homes.

It’s easy to see that a mandate isn’t the way to go.

  • It’s not just the cost – estimated to be between $300-$500 per home – but also design issues: Plumbing and mechanical vents might need to be relocated to find the 300 square feet of space the panels require, and architectural features such as gables and dormers might not be possible on a home’s south side: a problem if that’s the side that faces the street.
  • Some fire departments have expressed concerns about their ability to vent the roof in the event of a fire.
  • Not every house is a good candidate for solar panels either because of size or space constrictions or because of location – it makes no sense for a house that is often shadowed by tall trees or surrounding buildings, for example.

An alternate to a mandate for solar-ready homes would be, if the builder requests it, that private solar panel installers “certify” a new home as solar-ready if the home’s design allows for easy placement of panels at a future date. The certification sticker could be placed on or near the home’s electrical panel and include the company telephone number so the owner can call when ready – and the solar company can make a sale.

For resources and fact sheets on these code proposals, contact NAHB’s Don Surrenahttp://nahbnow.com/2017/03/solar-not-for-everyone/

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New Home Sales Up 6.1% in February

Posted on March 23, 2017 by Jorie Helms

Sales of newly built, single-family homes continued to expand, rising 6.1% in February to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 592,000 units, according to newly released data from HUD and the Census Bureau.

“February’s increase in new home sales is consistent with builders’ growing confidence in the housing market,” said NAHB Chair Granger MacDonald. “Builders are encouraged by heightened consumer activity and by the expectation that regulatory costs will decline in the year ahead.”

“The uptick in mortgage interest rates is having a minimal effect on new home sales thus far,” said NAHB Chief Economist Robert Dietz. “Ongoing job creation, rising household formations and affordable home prices should keep the market on an upward trajectory in 2017.”

The inventory of new home sales for sale was 266,000 in February, which is a 5.4-month supply at the current sales pace. The median sales price of new houses sold was $296,200.

Regionally, new home sales increased 30.9% in the Midwest, 7.5% in the West and 3.6% in the South. Sales fell 21.4% in the Northeast.

For additional analysis, read this Eye on Housing blog post.


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Meet our 2017 Shawnee Home Builders Association President Andy Hammons

Posted on March 22, 2017 by Jorie Helms

Andy Hammons started Rowdy Boys Plumbing in 2010 specializing in residential new construction. 

Andy graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2009.  

Being a member of the Shawnee Homebuilders Association for the past 7 years has allowed him to network and make great connections with local builders.He is excited about his year as president of the SHBA and believes that every aspect of our industry is better when we work together as a community.

Congratulations Andy!



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Boy Scouts expands Exploring Program

Posted on March 21, 2017 by Jorie Helms

The Boy Scouts of America — Last Frontier Council's Exploring Program has expanded into new career fields.
With an abundance of employment opportunities in skilled trades, Exploring now will have a larger span of options to help the youths in the Oklahoma City area, according to a news release.
Nationally popular career fields include skin care specialist, automotive service and body repair technician, carpenter, chef and landscape architect.
The Skilled Trades Exploring Post will offer real-world experience with professionals, contractors and electricians, all while promoting character development and leadership skills. The program also gives youths the ability to participate in social and professional networking and civic and community service, and build relationships with their peers interested in similar careers.
Jack Werner, of A to Z Inspections, has signed on as the skilled trades exploring chairman, along with Todd Feehan, of Dad's Plumbing, who has accepted the position of assistant skilled trades exploring chairman.
Werner and Feehan own their own companies and are deeply involved in teaching and inspiring youths through civic organizations, including the South Oklahoma City Rotary Club.
The Exploring Program is offered to young men and women between 14 and 21 and offers hands-on experience and mentorships to youths along several career paths.
Skilled Trades Exploring Posts soon will begin to form partnerships with high schools, with the support of Aurora Lora, superintendent of Oklahoma City Public Schools.
For more information, contact Kassie Wrobel at 918-313-5410Kassie.Wrobel@scouting.org, or go to the council office at 3031 NW 64.
If you wish to participate in this program as a skilled tradesman, please contact Jack Werner at 405-412-7861 or atozinspections@yahoo.com.  



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Meet the new 2017 Rogers County HBA President-Michael Green

Posted on March 21, 2017 by Jorie Helms

Our 2017 Rogers County HBA President is Michael Green. Let's meet him! 

Michael began working at Green Companies Development Group, Inc. in 2004

He has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Oklahoma in Business Management and graduated in 2004

He is also a Real Estate Agent in Rogers County.

His Father and Grandfather were both past presidents and involved with the Rogers County Builder's Association. And he enjoys the Home Builders Association for the networking possibilities involved with being a member.

Congratulations Michael!

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