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Value in your bottom line in OSHBA membership

Posted on December 3, 2014 by By Carol Hartzog Communications


Editor's Note: Watch this minute-and-a-half long video that highlights the value that belonging to the OSHBA brings its members.

Todd Stone
Todd Stone

Before becoming a member of the Home Builders Association, I really didn't realize exactly what it was I didn't know. Once we became a member, then all of a sudden I realized there's a large group out there who will act collectively and act in our own best interest.

-- Todd Stone, Builder Member

Phil Rhees
Phil Rhees

For me, personally, the added value that I get from my membership and what drew me initially to the Home Builders Association was the tremendous discounts I got on the premiums for general liability and worker's comp. I also receive tremendous savings on my builder's risk insurance as a member of the association. And to me that's a huge benefit.

-- Phil Rhees, OSHBA President 2015

Gina Cox
Gina Cox

In looking back over the last 16-plus years of membership, when I came as a member, I thought of it only as a networking opportunity. But in reflection, the biggest value I have received is basically the relationships on a personal level and a professional level. I wouldn't trade the networking resources that I have available to me for anything.

--Gina Cox, 2014 State Associates Chair

By drawing from these people, it allows you to continue to hone your craft, to hone your skill, provide a better home for the end user.


--Todd Stone, Builder Member

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