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President's Memo: Special tribute to Mark Dale

Posted on July 8, 2014 by Todd Booze

Todd Booze
Todd Booze

Like most of you, I was shocked by the recent death of Mark Dale. He was a colleague that impacted our association in many ways. I am making this month's column a tribute to him.

As a builder, I came to know Mark Dale first by reputation. Let's face it, as a builder we travel back and forth over the metro and we begin to see and hear things. We hear who has a good reputation and who hasn't. Everything I ever heard about Mark Dale was good - built an excellent home, treated customers and suppliers fairly, kept his financial house in order, and was always willing to share.

I took advantage many times of that last trait. Mark built a reputation among builders as a great mentor. What he had learned from his dad and the builders of his dad's generation helped him become a success. He willingly shared with those of us who were coming alongside him in the industry.

Mark and Lark Dale in 2010
Mark and Lark Dale in 2010

As a member of the association, I came to know Mark Dale as a leader. Mark had served as President of COHBA, then President of OSHBA, and, when needed, he willingly served as President of COHBA a second time. Mark cared about the industry and its professionalism. He recognized that a trade association brought like-minded people together for common interests and that, collectively, they could accomplish great things for the industry.

Mark Dale believed in professionalism so much that he led the effort to begin the Certified Professional Builder program. This is a program that I believe in strongly, as well. As professionals, we should all want to continue learning and growing as builders. And we should want to do that voluntarily. Mark helped me to see that.

As a leader on the state level, I came to know Mark Dale as a teammate. Teammate may not do him justice. Mark was a brother in arms.

Mark Dale and U.S. Rep. Tom Cole in 2012
Mark Dale and U.S. Rep. Tom Cole in 2012

As President of my own local, BASCO, and as President of OSHBA, I am following the same path as Mark. Mark went from President of OSHBA to continuing to serve as Chairman of OSHBA's Legislative Committee. As I began to get more involved in the governmental affairs area of our association, I would see Mark and our EO Mike Means at the Capitol representing our industry. Mark always represented the professional builder with distinction. I know that Jeff Click will do his best to follow in Mark's footsteps.

As you can tell, I had a lot of respect and admiration for Mark Dale; a good builder, a good leader, a good mentor, and a good teammate. He helped me and it is my hope I can help other builders and the industry the way that he did.

Our association lost a good one in Mark. I pray for God's peace on Mark's family. I know the legacy he left will be remembered by all.

-- OSHBA 2014 President Todd Booze

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