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Jeff Click Homes takes urban design to the edge

Posted on May 4, 2015 by By Carol Hartzog Communications

Editor's note: Jeff Click is a former President of the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association

By Richard Mize

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Jeff Click
Jeff Click

Jeff Click, homebuilder, is all about a level — and not a carpenter's.

It's the next level he's about, and cliched or not, if anyone can scale the next one, it's Click and his few fellow travelers. It's a little troupe dancing and playing and building to the sound of a drum that is still an outlier in suburban home design in Oklahoma City.

Call it modern, or contemporary, or "new urban" —  it's edgy. And that's another cliche that Click, 39, and company will happily demolish. Design is one thing. Floorplans are a dime a dozen. Mod is in the eye ... Read the story at newsok.com

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