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Builders wanted!

Posted on May 5, 2014 by Mike Means

You may not know this, but May is a membership drive for each of the homebuilders associations. And to make it successful, your state association is trying to develop a special tool. But we need your help.

Mike Means

Mike Means

So, put on your thinking cap. Give me the name of one builder that you know is NOT a member of the Association. If you have his email and phone number, even better.

This is what we are going to do.

I am going to take that information and invite him (or her) to participate in a focus group. We are then going to take the information from the focus group and produce a video. You will then be able to take this video and show your prospects why they should be a member of THE professional organization that represents the homebuilding profession.

Pretty cool, huh?

So, send me that name and let's get started.

Mike Means, State EO

(405) 843-5579 (office)

email: mikem@oshba.org


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