Oklahoma State
Home Builders Association
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Green Building Counsel

Remodelers State Associates

The Green Building Council of the Oklahoma State Homebuilders Association was formed to educate builders and homebuyers on all aspects of building green. The council also promotes to the industry the best practices of building a green home to the standards of the NAHB Green Building Standard.

The council's main project is sponsoring the OK GREEN BUILDING SUMMIT each year. This past year Joe Lstiburek was the featured presenter and the summit was attended by over 350 builders, realtors, and consumers interested in green building. For 2011 the council has already secured the attendance of Joe Lstiburek to make an encore appearance and come and speak on the latest advancements in green building.


Todd Booze is the chair of the Green Building Council. Here he is welcoming the attendees to the 2010 summit. Please contact the state association for more information at (800) 256-9980.